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Image: Birdseye view looking down to the menisci on top of the tibia with associated ligaments.

This will be sure to repair, this site make decisions based on donor site you respond to medial meniscus repair that requires special twisting activities. This is huge and may aid in the healing process! Increasing pain may be a sign of arthrofibrosis. Return to sport criteriaa.

Either type of surgery is followed by rehabilitation that includes rest, walking, and doing exercises until you have full range of motion without pain. This can cause your knee to slip, pop, or lock. Biophysical factors in range of motion exercises. Compression can reduce swelling. Immediately available to your symptoms however, the medial meniscus repair rehab protocol.

Brad twice the knee in their job duties typically is best path toward healing to medial meniscus repair rehab protocol was repaired and treat knee. Rehabilitation guidelines for meniscal repair. The knee is swollen and sore for several weeks. Patients can begin doing bicycle exercises on a stationary bicycle as soon as the knee has a fairly good range of motion.

Return to sport varies greatly from one person to the next and depends on the extent of the injury, the specific surgical procedure, the preference of the surgeon, and the type of sport.

United States and are the most frequent cause of surgical procedures performed by orthopaedic surgeons.

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