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These considerations are especially helpful when deciding on bonuses and raises for the executive.

Does the Board have an adopted strategic Plan that speaks to the health centers vision, goals, and objectives? When two or more directors reported a similar issue, the comp chair flagged it for the comp committee to address the next morning. Arcyourexpectations of the executive director toohigh?

There are a number of specific reasons that we should do formal nonprofit executive director assessments. He was an abusive micromanager who yelled at people in public and was creating a destructive, politicized working environment. If so, create a second or third page to your Word doc with those goals listed. Should have an executive on the team caught this?

In that spirit I offer you a recipe for an effective, and very simple Executive Director performance review. If your organization has not kept pace with current salary levels, you may need to consider how you will attract the right candidate. The CEO inconsistently practices the personal attributes and leadership qualities in this area as a part of his or her leadership. AVOID THESE ONBOARDING STUMBLES.

This does not mean that using a survey randomly pulled from the internet or another organization with only one employee of the organization will be effective in promoting behavior change.

And they went out and found the very best CEO in the world, one who would just make me look like a fool.

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