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Entrance effects Position the object where you want it to end up after it enters the slide. The pointer changes to a crop pointer and crop handles appear around the edges of the picture. This view only allows you to rearrange the slides but not edit the contents of each slide. Two other locations for clips are Shared Collections and Web Collections. In many of the themes, these elements appear at the bottom of the slide. Display the Backstage view, and then, in the left pane, click New. Click Back to Color View. SAVE it as Job Fair Final. Arrow, and then click OK.

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The following sections illustrate the most common changes made to text in a presentation. TIPIf you record multiple clips, the audio icons stack up in the same location on the slide. Click Browse and navigate to the folder where you are storing the solutions for this lesson. You can practice submitting documents to or text to this assignment. Prepare a presentation in a style of your own cof contemporary music. Click the More button in the Layouts group to display the Layouts gallery. Click twice on it to make sure the placeholder box itself is selected. Change the document theme to Trek. Animate the text by letter.

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Rearrange the rows so that the dates in the second column are in chronological order. On the assignments, buttons to move a presentation at the web, click the bold button. Click the Banded Rows option in the Table Style Options group to deselect the option. Submit your assignment in the format specified by your instructor. You can enter text either directly on the slide or in the outline. In the Transition to This Slide group, select the Push transition.

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